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In a powerful and daring debut novel, Sonya Mukherjee shares the story of sisters Clara and Hailey, conjoined twins who are learning what it means to be truly extraordinary. Seventeen-year-old conjoin

ISBN10 : 1481456792 , ISBN13 : 9781481456791

Page Number : 336

The Gemini Room

1840’s Iraq British archaeologist Sir Austin Henry Layard discovers twenty-five thousand clay tablets buried deep in an ancient Sumerian Library. After years of tedious study of the tablets, Sir Hen

ISBN10 : 9781456893781 , ISBN13 : 1456893785

Page Number : 213

The Gemini Trilogy

Dawn Price was not quite your average seventeen year old. But with her two best friends Matt and Pam, her only concern was what they were going to do for her eighteenth birthday. But little did she kn

ISBN10 : 1452073368 , ISBN13 : 9781452073361

Page Number : 388


"A medical mystery wrapped in a contemporary love story, GEMINI is a stand out new novel from the Cassella, a practicing M.D. and author of the national bestseller OXYGEN. Think Jodi Picoult meets Abr

ISBN10 : 1451627947 , ISBN13 : 9781451627947

Page Number : 368


Gemini tells the true-life story of C. Fillmore: a man who as a child was loved too much by an uncle; adored by a controlling, protective; but loving mother and abused by a disturbed father. As you re

ISBN10 : 1434932516 , ISBN13 : 9781434932518

Page Number : 60

Daughters Of Gemini

Daughters of Gemini, the seventh book in the Brothers Series and the third in the Shamrocks Saga, continues the story begun in Shamrocks in the Heather and continuing in A Breath of Old Smoke. It tell

ISBN10 : 9781469109718 , ISBN13 : 1469109719

Page Number : 437

Gemini Steps To The Moon

The Gemini program was a breakthrough in technology with the first spacecraft dockings and rendezvous. This book describes those events in detail from the perspective of the engineers, flight controll

ISBN10 : 9781852334055 , ISBN13 : 1852334053

Page Number : 433


Gemini is the story of young Bascomb McGoslin and his search for love and spiritual fulfillment—a search which became a desperate flight from the life and the world he had known before. Behind Basco

ISBN10 : 0595007015 , ISBN13 : 9780595007011

Page Number : 484