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The Gemini Man

He was trained to be our deadliest weapon. Now he's our worst nightmare.... A noted expert on counterterrorism and international security, Richard Steinberg has used his firsthand knowledge of covert

ISBN10 : 9780307783813 , ISBN13 : 0307783812

Page Number : 396

Don T Rely On Gemini

It all started innocently enough in New York’s Gramercy Park district. Archie Gamble, a Gemini, is writing a TV special on astrology under the expert but irritating tutelage of Anna Muckermann. The

ISBN10 : 1440537046 , ISBN13 : 9781440537042

Page Number : 100

Carrying The Fire

The commander of Apollo 11 offers an insider's view of the NASA space program, recalling training programs and design testing and sharing his memories of such remarkable individuals as Neil Armstrong,

ISBN10 : 081541028X , ISBN13 : 9780815410287

Page Number : 544


The starship Enterprise is assigned to attend the ceremony that will unite a world. The focus of the ceremony is a pair of Siamese Twins named Abon and Delor who represent the united factions of the p

ISBN10 : 147110771X , ISBN13 : 9781471107719

Page Number : 288

The Gemini Virus

In the wake of a pandemic virus that rapidly spreads throughout the world killing millions of people, Dennis and Andi Jensen flee the ensuing panic and escape to the mountains while scientist Cara Por

ISBN10 : 0765324318 , ISBN13 : 9780765324313

Page Number : 301


James Coughlin is haunted by his dreams. His only relief from the nightmare world comes when he meets Theresa, literally the woman of his dreams. But when he sees Theresa in his office, in the real wo

ISBN10 : 141166261X , ISBN13 : 9781411662612

Page Number : 282

Gemini Steps To The Moon

The Gemini program was a breakthrough in technology with the first spacecraft dockings and rendezvous. This book describes those events in detail from the perspective of the engineers, flight controll

ISBN10 : 9781852334055 , ISBN13 : 1852334053

Page Number : 433


Chronicles the creation of the Apollo 11 spacesuits worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, which were designed by the women's undergarment-maker Playtex and consisted of 21 specialized layers, in a b

ISBN10 : 026201520X , ISBN13 : 9780262015202

Page Number : 364