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Drive To The East

As World War II escalates, North America is faced with violence on all sides while in the South, ex-slaves are forced to build their own concentration camps and Vice President La Follette takes over f

ISBN10 : 0345464060 , ISBN13 : 9780345464064

Page Number : 594

Return Engagement

Harry Turtledove’s remarkable alternative history novels brilliantly remind us of how fragile the thread of time can be, and offer us a world of “what if.” Drawing on a magnificent cast of chara

ISBN10 : 0345478592 , ISBN13 : 9780345478597

Page Number : 640

The Grapple

In this stunning retelling of World War II, Harry Turtledove has created a blockbuster saga that is thrilling, troubling, and utterly compelling. It is 1943, the third summer of the new war between th

ISBN10 : 0345493648 , ISBN13 : 9780345493644

Page Number : 624

The Grapple

The tide of battle turns against the Confederates, Northern forces overrun the Southern capital, and their mad president, desperate for victory, threatens to unleash the ultimate weapon, the atomic bo

ISBN10 : 0345464079 , ISBN13 : 9780345464071

Page Number : 616

In At The Death

Franklin Roosevelt is the assistant secretary of defense. Thomas Dewey is running for president with a blunt-speaking Missourian named Harry Truman at his side. Britain holds onto its desperate allian

ISBN10 : 0345500512 , ISBN13 : 9780345500519

Page Number : 624

West And East

An alternate history of World War II continues to explore what would have happened in the lives of leaders, soldiers, and civilians had Great Britain's Neville Chamberlain not appeased Hitler.

ISBN10 : 0345491858 , ISBN13 : 9780345491855

Page Number : 447

Hitler S War

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Harry Turtledove's The War that Came Early: West and East. A stroke of the pen and history is changed. In 1938, British prime minister Neville Chamberlain,

ISBN10 : 034551565X , ISBN13 : 9780345515650

Page Number : 512


“Turtledove is the standard-bearer for alternate history.”—USA Today The novels of Harry Turtledove show history balancing on single moments: One act of folly. One poor decision. One moment of r

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Page Number : 432